Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Saturday 11th June 2016

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1.      A silver stamp case with an enamel image of a vintage footballer 70-90
2.      A silver and garnet set bangle 60-80
3.      A silver and faux emerald bracelet 25-40
4.      A silver and CZ dress ring with a large central Opal 20-40
5.      A mixed box of silver plated items 30-50
6.      A pair of stone flaggons 10-20
7.      Silver Armada dish with enamel heart to the centre with inscription for the Variety Club Convention 1966. 525gm 22.5cm diameter 240-300
8.      American Ocean City 90 Automatic fly fishing reel (mint condition) c1960 20-30
9.      An early 20th century Royal Navy officers black leather sword belt with hanging straps and gilt buckle 35-50
10.     Glass patio suite made in wrought iron. 6 chairs, 2 footstools, glass topped round table and removable cushions 100-200
11.     A Denby Greenwheat Part dinner set of approx 70 pieces to include butter dishes teapot and jug 30-40
12.     A selection of commemorative items to include an ashtray to H.M Edward VIII who abdicated and a Royal Doulton Loretta figurine and a Limoge jug

13.     1950s' Typewriter in original carry case 20-30
14.     A graduated set of Esso oil filling cans 20-30
15.     4 stained glass panels in wood frames 55x35cm 20-40
16.     Hadden Hall Minton Bone China Dinner and Tea Service 30-50
17.     A deco Style Wedgewood Six place Tea Set 20-30
18.     A brass compass, possibly Edwardian 20-40
19.     A Deco Style Soho Pottery Tea set with Cake plate 20-30
20.     4 stamped stained glass panels. 36 x 55cm 20-40
21.      Royal Doulton Winston Churchill and Montgomery character jug 20-40
22.     A cased taxidermy Kestrel in naturalistic setting. Case size 42cm x 32cm x 15cm. 120-160
23.     A Delft English Blue & White Charger together with a Japan (losinge marked) Charger with a Meissen pin Box 20-30
24.     Ancient Mammoth Tooth. 24 x 20 x 6cm 280-350
25.     A collection of Wedgewood, Spode and Coalport items 20-30
26.     A large silver and CZ doughnut style pendant necklace 35-55
27.     A silver and heart shaped CZ dress ring 25-40
28.     A pair of silver and CZ stud earrings 15-30
29.     A silver figure of a boxer dog 35-55
30.     A large silver, CZ and ruby snake brooch 80-100
31.     A silver posy brooch in the form of a cat 25-40
32.     A pair of silver & blue opalite earrings 20-40
33.     A silver & CZ dress ring 20-40
34.     A silver and CZ line bracelet 35-60
35.     A silver plated vesta case with nude images 30-50
36.     An Allertons England Chinese Lidded Tureen, A pair of Porcelain candlesticks and a porcelain charger/ tray 20-30
37.     Victorian Glazed & Cased Mounted Taxidermy Kestrel Hawk in Naturalistic Setting. 42 x 25 x 15cm 90-120
38.     A Beswick Ware Dish, A set of Wedgewood Side Plates and 6 Mason's Iron Stone Royal Academy of Arts Cups & Saucers and jug 20-30
39.     A taxidermy Moose head with antlers. 80cm from shield to nose, 110 cm antler span. 1600-2000
40.     A Staffordshire Ironstone Blue & White Cheese dish with Cover 20-30
43.     Two taxidermy red deer trophy heads. 10 point antler measures 60 cm from shield to nose, 90cm span. 8 point antler deer measures 60cm from shield to nose, 90cm span. 850-1000
45.     A Kingfisher and 8 other continental wild birds mounted together in a naturalistic setting in glazed case 82cm wide 350-450
46.     A silver and large CZ pendant necklace in a heart shape 10-20
47.     A pair of silver CZ and opalite pear shaped drop earrings 25-35
48.     A silver and faux emerald bracelet 55-75
49.     A silver and CZ double banded ring 25-40
50.     A silver & CZ Engagement ring and a matching CZ half eternity ring 30-50
51.     A pair of silver marcasite and opal Art Deco style drop earrings 35-55
52.     A silver Cartier Style Panther ring with semi precious stones 25-40
53.     A silver and pink opalite heart shaped pendant necklace 15-30
54.     A silver pincushion in the form of a ladies boot inset with a sapphire 40-60
55.     A pair of silver and CZ hoop earrings 15-20
56.     A taxidermy Buchell's Zebra Trophy Head. 80cm to nose x 40cm across x 90cm tall. 1750-3000
58.     . A Taxidermy Peacock. total height 230cm 500-700
60.     A set of Indian Sambar Deer Antlers on shield 220-280
61.     A silver and CZ pendant necklace 25-35
62.     A silver marcasite and onyx snake brooch 30-40
63.     A silver and mother of pearl Art Deco Lady pendant necklace 30-50
65.     A Roe Deer head with antlers and a set of red Deer Stag Antlers 40-60
101.    An original British Railways enamel totem badge made by J Pinches of London. 8cms x 2cms 20-30
102.    A small desk stand 9cms wide by 7cms high with enamel Crown & Flags to the RBYC the Royal Bombay Yacht Club 40-60
103.    Two original British Rail grease top caps made by J Compton Sons & Webb Ltd with an enamel Porters badge and a British Railways totem badge 50-60
104.    Two early 20th century cloth covered wooden storage boxes 38cms x 23cms x 12cms belonging to the Archdeaconry of Sarum and marked with King Edward VII monogram and made by AE Walker Ltd of London EC 40-60
105.    A Metropolitan Police 1887 Queen Victoria Jubilee medal with 1897 clasp named to P.C. G. Lucas of J Division with a Metropolitan Police 1902 Edward VII Coronation medal named to P.C. G. Lucas of P Division and his International Police whistle 80-100
106.    Five Masonic RAOB ceremonial Sceptres, each on a two part staff surmounted with different badges. Of varying overall lengths from 132cms up to 157cms 30-40
107.    A collection of 6 Football Steward badges to include 1966, 1967 and World championship Jules Rimet cup England 1966 and a 1966 Minor Unit football linesman medal 3 division 30-40
108.    A selection of football programs to include Salisbury, Southampton and some Scottish teams 20-40
109.    Jules Rimet Trophy Replica of the same trophy lifted by Booby Moore on 3rd July 1966
110.    A Staffordshire Figure of an Arabian Family 20-30
111.    GWR Guards lantern complete with lens 55-90
112.    A set of AA car badges on original bar. Malaya, Bengal 30-50
113.    An H K Milward, Leek Black Silk Top Hat in original hat box 80-120
114.    A 1943 dated German dentist extraction set. Infrumentberftek 60-90
115.    A Collection of Ww1 & WW2 stamps with hitler & a signature 30-50
116.    10 Q magazine photo supplements Mick rock etc 10-20
117.    Vintgae E Benge L.A California Trumpet silver plated 80-120
118.    Corgi/Matchbox die cast vehicles to include car transporter and cars 30-40
119.    A vintage Welsh miner's Davey Safety Lamp 20-30
120.    A Victorian Royal Worcester Blush jug and tea caddy, Staffordshire flat back clock holder and Doulton plates 20-30
121.    A pair of vintage dolls 20-30
122.    A collection of Corgi and diecast cars with a wooden garage 10-20
123.    A collection of miscellaneous trains, carriages, track to include Hornby 20-30
124.    A miscellaneous collection farmyard animals and items to include Corgi and Britains 20-30
125.    3 x vintage cane fishing rods one has slight damage 30-40
126.    2 albums of erotic and Burlesque photos 20-30
127.    New in Box Britains farmyard vehicles to include Land Rover etc 40-60
128.    Vintage wooden toy fort and microscope 20-30
129.    A shepherds crook 20-30
130.    A vintage cane Gaff 20-30
131.    Vintage Boosey and Hawkes 78 Trumpet in brass 40-50
132.    Southern railways signal lamp 30-40
133.    A Victorian bronze urn on a black marble base. 21cm tall 40-50
134.    Moorcroft Orchid tall beaker vase 23cm tall and another Moorcroft vase (A/F) 40-50
135.    An Antique marble rectangular box. 6 x 10 x 7cm 20-30
136.    A Victorian pocket barometer by Dolland of London in fitted case 60-70
137.    A Scottish Horn Snuff box mounted with Cairngorn in a silver mount 40-50
138.    A collection of pens to include Waterman, Cross and Parker 40-60
139.    A gents Dunhill lift arm lighter 35-45
140.    A signed bronze desk seal. 7cm long 20-30
141.    Hochst porcelain figure group 8 x 13 x 6 35-50
142.    Royal Worcester flower vase shape 1705. 27cm tall
143.    A pair of Jaguar car mascots circa 1970 in mint condition 50-70
144.    3 Hohner mouth organs ( pro Harp, Blues harp & Paul Jones Miniature) 20-30
145.    A Beswick Gloss Finish Horse 30-40
146.    A Beswick figure of a Kingfisher. model no 2371 30-40
147.    2 Langham glass animal paperweights. (fox & badger) 30-40
148.    Collection of ERII mint stamps including blocks & traffic lights 15-20
149.    Anita Harris Trial Piece Studio Pottery vase 40-60
150.    A Beswick Gloss Finish Horse
151.    Tunbridgeware box decorated with Scottie Dogs & A ship ( complete with secret compartment 30-40
152.    Pacific islands ceremonial Paddle 42 cm long 30-40
153.    Coalport Porcelain circa 1900 Ewer with hand painted cartouche of game birds & flowers, 25cm high 40-50
154.    A Georgian Blue and White Pottery watch stand Circa 1800 40-50
155.    An Orefors Glass decanter signed and engraved. 29cm tall
156.    Vintage shove ha'penny board with coins 20-30
157.    A brass oil lamp complete with flue 30-60
158.    A Vintage policeman's truncheon. 40cm long 20-30
159.    A pair of silver candle sticks together with other items of silver plate one being a Victorian pint measure 30-40
160.    A ladies silver clutch bag 16 x 16cm 60-80
161.    A Victorian Silver Button Hook, 35cm long. Birmingham Hallmarked 30-40
162.    A silver gilt set of hallmarked tea spoons 30-50
163.    A collection of silver and silver plate to include teaspoons and sugar tongs 40-60
164.    A collection of mixed silver and silver plated items to include Mappin & Webb 40-50
165.    Richard Freres Miniature brass barograph. C 1890. Good Working Order & Complete with Key. 19cm long x 13cm wide x 13cm tall. to include a box of graph paper
166.    A mixed box of costume jewellery to include gold & silver
167.    A pair of WW1 spurs with fitted silver sixpences and WW1 shell case 20-30
168.    A silver military badge together with a plaque, lapel badges etc from the Royal Leicestershire Regiment 30-50
169.     Able seaman's passe Dirk with bosun's whistle 40-50
170.    An Edward VII early 20th century Stovel and Mason, London court sword with finely etched blade 220-280
171.    SAS (Artist's) 1950s' Shoulder Belt Pate, Cap Badge & Cloth Shoulder Title 120-140
172.    Seven solid silver Royal Order of The Buffaloes Medals 70-90
173.    A German WW2 white metal 8 year SS Police long service medal 10-20
174.    An old Russian cold war flag featuring the head of Soviet political hero Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. On the back are the various Russian icons depicting the Russian states 80-120
175.    Rare Preston Pans Toby Jug 4 piece cruet set, Scottish Circa 1860 200-300
176.    A George Jones Designed cup and saucer bearing the lozenge marks for 1883 20-30
177.    A Suzie Cooper Burslem 4 place tea set 40-60
178.    A plate camera with plates with Zeiss Triotar lens 60-80
179.    A Grand Prix Brussels 1958 telephoto lens made in the USSR in leather case with filters 40-60
180.    Boxed Scientific slides date 1947 and Brownie Camera 60-100
181.    A fibre glass desktop model of an F-4G-1 Phantom Aeroplane. 39cm long x 22cm tall x 28cm wide
193.    Omega Seamaster Automatic Chronograph Yachting Watch, fitted with Original Bracelet in Excellent Working Order. 800-900
194.    A large Chinese Blue & White Bottle Neck Vase 200-300
195.    A mahogany Davenport desk on barley twist legs with a leather insert. 75 x 55 x 55cm 80-120
196.    A WW2 United States of America 48 Star linen flag which is reputed to have been taken from Tarawa Atoll by a USMC soldier after the battle in 1943. With a hardback book The Epic of Tarawa. The flag is 90 x 52 inches approximately. 120-150
197.    A mahogany glazed adjustable shelf bookcase with Chevron fit glass doors and shaped top 120 x 84 x 40cm 70-80
198.    A marble topped 1 drawer 1 door pot cupboard 40-60
199.    A mahogany side/night stand with cross stretcher base and drawer 777 x 33 x 33cm 20-40
200.    A mahogany corner wash stand with single drawer and stretcher with splayed feet 50-70
201.    A green hardstone figure of a camel on wooden stand. 16 x 13 x 8 cm 20-30
202.    A Chinese teapot in its basket & 3 budha figures 20-30
203.    A collection of vintage Chinese rice bowls, a vase and two large Oriental plates 20-40
204.    A pair of Chinese porcelain tea cups and saucers with enamelled famille rose decoration, circa 1820 30-40
205.    A pair of large Chinese soapstone desk seals with engraved decoration to all four sides. 60-80
206.    Chinese porcelain teapot with Canton enamelled figural panels circa 1820. 10cm high 40-50
207.    Chinese bone cricket cage decorated with cranes. 9cm high 40-50
208.    A C19th Oriental Celadon glazed pottery vase decorated with cranes. 17cm tall 40-50
209.    Two Japanese wooden carved Netsuke 25-30
210.    A signed Japanese enamelled dish, 15 x 21cm 30-40
211.    A signed Japanese silver serving dish. 10cm diameter 30-35
212.    Two Japanese bronze knife handles, 9cm long 30-40
213.    Chinese hardstone ink cover carved with enamelled dragons. 5 x 22 x 13cm 60-80
214.    Japanese Katuni porcelain sake bottle with a pair of katani vases 30-40
215.    Chinese jade items including disk pendants 15-20
216.    Three Chinese hardstone Carvings 15-20
218.    8 x blue and white Oriental teacups and 5 x blue and white side plates 30-50
219.    A Chinese decorated bone opium pipe 30-40
220.    A carved ivory parasol / walking stick handle naturalisticly carved as a bird 160-180
221.    A carved ivory memento mori paperweight in the shape of a skull with a snake 300-400
222.    Large Indian Ivory page turner with a carved elephant handle. 28cm long 80-120
223.    Japanese bronze plate with bird and floral decoration. 15cm diameter 40-60
224.    Chinese Famile Rose Teapot with floral & insect decoration. 15cm high 40-80
225.    Japanese page turner with mixed metal handle of birds and spider on bamboo section with signature plaque and gilded decoration. 29.5cm long 200-300
226.    A pair of cigarette holders 30-50
227.    An Oriental vase depicting birds and an Oriental bowl (a/f) 20-30
228.    A collection of Chinese ginger jars and other items 20-30
229.    Bronze and enamel Victorian page turner circa 1860 50-70
230.    A pair of brass fitted candle shaped chandeliers with their glass crystals fitted 60-80
231.    Victorian trio of iridescent glass vases 20-30
232.    A glass crystal chandelier with 6 light fittings formally from The Queens Hotel ballroom 80-120
233.    A red, black and cream Iranian rug with cream and black border 130 x 105cm 50-70
234.    A painted glass chandelier with 6 fittings 40-60
235.    A Tabriz quality carpet repeated design in blue and red 420 x 107 250-280
237.    A glass crystal chandelier with 6 light fittings formally from The Queens Hotel ballroom 80-120
238.    A mixed lot of costume jewellery to include gold and silver 20-30
239.    A Georgian bow fronted corner unit with fitted internal shelves 110 x 50cm

240.    A mahogany barley twist torchere 140cm high 20-30
241.    A Victorian painted pine kitchen cupboard with 1 large door 200x80x45cm 30-50
242.    An Art Deco Over Mantle Mirror 20-40
243.    A 1950's art Deco Lamp Shade 30-50
244.    Desk with leather top, side flap (very Solid) 65x130x30cm 30-50
245.    A nest of tables and a corner table 20-30
246.    An inlaid Art Nouveau Lamp Table. 90 x 30 x 30cm 30-50
247.    A Victorian painted pine cabinet with 2 sliding doors 95x135x35cm 50-80
248.    A single drawer limed oak writing desk 50-70
249.    A bamboo paper rack 20-40
250.    An oak small dimensional bible box on turned feet 35x60x40cm 40-60
251.    An assortment of 12 military cap badges 30-40
252.    A French model 1874 Gras Sword Bayonet in its steel scabbard. Marked to the reverse of the blade Mre d'Armes de St.Etienne Mars 1878. The bayonet & scabbard have matching serial numbers 62131 60-80
253.    Three swagger sticks all of which belonged to Colonel Alex Higson ADC of the Royal Marines. The first with silver top & ferrule having engraved to the top Captain Alex Higson RM from the Officers USMC (London) November 1958. The second in brown leather with a 9 carat gold ring engraved Alex Higson and the third in brown leather marked with the initials AH. He retired in 1977 as a full Colonel after finishing his military career as Aide de Camp to Queen Elizabeth II in 1976 60-100
254.    A rare petrol Zippo lighter engraved and presented to members of the crew of the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal on her last deployment in 1978 50-80
255.    A Boer War trench art hand made cribbage board 28cms x 11 cms with carved onto the top TW Huw Ladysmith SA 30 Feb 1900 30-40
256.    A quantity of US Military cloth Division badges 25-30
257.    Two copper printing plates engraved to Flight Lieutenant JS Newman Royal Air Force and Squadron Leader JS Newman Royal Air Force with his WW2 mounted miniature medal group 40-60
258.    An unusual 1944 dated brass shell case 12cms diameter by 26cms high with a Swastika & CANDIDO GADOI WIR SIND DIE ZUKUNFT etched onto it 25-30
259.    Five Queen Elizabeth II Imperial Service Medals named to Miss Eileen Usher Hanlon, Richard Parker, Cecil George Morris, Frederick William Blackeby and William Kilsby Collins 75-100
260.    Two pairs of WW1 medals to the same family M2-167789 Private WJ Ball of the Army Service Corps and 18091 Private E Ball of the Somerset Light Infantry 60-80
261.    Assorted military badges and sweetheart brooches 25-30
262.    A WW1 Memorial Plaque or Death Penny named to Richard Henry Martin with its Buckingham Palace letter 60-80
263.    A WW1 medal group of three named to 7718 Private A Cairney of the Seaforth Highlanders with his WW2 Defence Medal and mounted set of miniature medals 70-80
264.    An assortment of 11 Royal Air Force badges & brooches 30-40
265.    Three early 20th century "La Loi" French Municipal or Rural Police badges with an average size of 8cms x 10cms 50-60
266.    A WW2 Officers Release Book and associated military documents with his mounted medal group of four including the Africa Star awarded to Captain LA Hamilton of the Royal Army Service Corps 30-40
267.    AWW1 Royal Flying Corps cane walking stick which is named on the shank Lt. BW Hill RFC. 91cms long overall 40-60
268.    A WW1 trench art tobacco jar with lid made from two British 18 pounder shell cases 10cms diameter by 14cms high overall and a trench art fluted vase engraved with the Cross of Lorraine and foliage 9cms diameter by 34cms high 30-50
269.    A WW2 operation Market Garden casualty medal group of four with posting box and condolence letter to Private CS Jenkins of the Somerset Light Infantry who died on the 10th October 1944 40-50
270.    A French model 1936 MAS Rod Bayonet with a cruciform balde 43cms long overall and a British No.9 Mark 1 Bayonet 26cms long overall 30-40
271.    A Soldiers Release Book named to 6014519 Private KFB Stone of the Essex Regiment with his full size medal group of three including the France & Germany Star and mounted miniature medals 30-40
272.    A quantity of Military Officers Mess plated cutlery, engraved to various Royal Engineer Battalions including OM 326 Coy RE, OM 327 Coy RE and 31st AA Bn RE OM 40-50
273.    A WW1 3rd Kings African Rifles trench art horn cup 4 inches high which is crudely engraved 3 KAR Latema Nek 1916. With a Whitehall Theatre of War Museum label. 40-50
274.    A WW2 pair of medals in their posting box with medal documents and his Release Book, Pay Book and other related military documents awarded to 235163 Sergeant HW Hayes of the Royal Army Service Corps 40-50
275.    Two brass British military General Service belt buckles and three stable belts 30-40
276.    An American bayonet in its leather scabbard with metal mounts and original leather frog. Makers name to blade Remington 1913 6 17. Blade length 43cms 50-60
277.    A Lt. Colonel O'Grady Halys Compass Clinometer Patent Elliott Bros London No.74 in its brown leather case. Both the base of the compass and the leather case are impressed A.S-E. 25-40
278.    A framed display of 16 British military cap badges 40-50
279.    A British Pattern 1887 Sword Bayonet for the Martini Henry rifle in its leather scabbard with brass mounts and with its leather frog. Blade length 46.5cms with various marking to the blade including the War Department arrow 100-120
280.    A selection of over 60 British military staybrite badges 30-40
281.    A WW1 Princes Mary Christmas tin 30-40
282.    A 1957 dated Swedish Army uniform of jacket & trousers in an unused condition with original paper label to the sleeve 25-40
283.    A large cloth Union Jack flag 36 inches by 72 inches approximately and a cloth Red Ensign 17 inches by 34 inches approximately 30-40
284.    Two sets of Royal Artillery No.2 Dress Uniforms consisting of jacket & trousers with a Royal Artillery cap 30-40
285.    A selection of Military prints (10) to include Scots Guards, Dragoons etc 20-30
286.    A 1939-1945 Defence medal in original postage box and a 1914-1918 medal together with a a Festival of Britain 1951five shilling in box, Churchill commemorative crown and a 1953 five shilling coin 30-40
287.    A Bundeswehr pocket knife with a Buck General Lee hunting knife 20-30
288.    A WW2 poster proof in ink and paint for Aluminium 22/4/1943 by L Gray (unframed)
289.    A silver plated Commemorative tray from the Coastal Air Ship District HQ 1926 20-30
290.    Sergeant Majors Royal engineers 1890 painted by Alexander C. Baker SGA FRSA 25th June 20-30
291.    A pair of Military Watercolours signed TOC. 30 x 20 cm 20-30
292.    Shell case ash tray and a shell case vase 20-30
293.    WW1 Somerset Light Infantry Sam Browne sword belt with shoulder strap and pistol holster 50-60
294.    WW1 picture frame made from the tip of an aircrafts propeller 25-35
295.    16 WW1 Stereo Viewer Slides with a viewer 30-40
296.    WW1 service frame Eastern Front Gallipoli dardanelles 40-60
297.    British Army Officer's General Infantry Pattern Sword 40cm long 20-30
298.    Pair of Dolland of London Field glasses 35-50
299.    A Smith of London Flintlock pocket pistol C. 1820 Proof mark stamped on barrel & receiver. Having box lock action with English Trigger Guard 60-80
300.    An Army military battle dress uniform 1949 pattern to include lanyard and whistle 40-60
301.    A mixed lot of silver and silver plated flatware 20-30
302.    A collection of silver & silver plated items 20-40
303.    A silver vesta case with an enamel stamp to the front 110-140
304.    Loose silver charms 8 30-50
305.    A silver jug hallmarked London 1908 and a silver mug 40-60
306.    A silver embossed ring box with the lid inset with cherubs 85-110
307.    An unusual silver reticulated paper knife in the form of a sword fish. 27cm long 80-120
308.    A early C20th Gold mounted blue John Brooch 80-120
309.    Silver charm bracelet and 11 charms 35-55
310.    9ct gold diamond and blue topaz earrings 35-55
311.    Silver desert set Viners Sheffield 1957 together with a boxed set of bone handles fish knives and forks 40-70
312.    9ct gold and diamond leaf ring size H 35-50
313.    2 small 1970s' style mantle clocks 30-50
314.    Silver fashion rings set with semi precious stones (4) 35-55
315.    Birmingham 1962 Hallmarked Silver corkscrew styled as a fox with ruby eyes in fitted case 80-90
316.    A Mappin Art Deco Purse Watch in good working order 50-70
317.    A Victorian Silver mug in the Gothic Style, Hallmarked London 1859 70-90
318.    A large solid silver sugar castor 2cm high with flame finial. 210g 120-140
319.    Silver dolphin ring size L 15-35
320.    9ct white gold diamond earrings 40-60
321.    Silver hallmarked posy vase 30-50
322.    9ct gold ladies diamond and sapphire cluster ring 0.5ct diamonds size l/m 100-150
323.    A Smiths movement side clock with papers and key 30-50
324.    Silver charm bracelet with 35+ charms 75-95
325.    A 10ct yellow gold diamond bracelet. Approx 70 point of diamonds 260-300
326.    A smart watch compatible with all smart phones in red 20-30
327.    A collection of Silver Plated and misc Flatware 20-30
328.    9ct gold ladies antique style diamond and amethyst ring size L 55-75
329.    Loose silver charms 8 30-50
330.    Welsh gold on silver mans signet ring size U 60-80
331.    3 sets silver and other of teaspoons 50-70
332.    Actim 31 Day Clock with Key & Pendulum. 30-50
333.    9ct gold ladies sapphire and diamond shoulder ring size P 50-70
334.    Silver fashion rings set with semi precious stones (4) 35-55
335.    9ct gold diamond and garnet pendant 55-75
336.    9ct gold mans antique style signet ring size T 150-170
337.    A slate chiming mantle clock 30-50
338.    9ct white gold ladies diamond 1/2 eternity ring size N 50-70
339.    Silver hard stone ring size Q 25-45
340.    Genuine Links of London silver bracelet 55-75
341.    9ct gold ladies garnet hand shaped ring size N 85-105
342.    A 9ct white gold link dress ring in Bvulgari style size O 250-350
343.    9ct gold ladies diamond ring size P 45-65
344.    Coral necklace 100cm long 15-35
345.    9ct gold diamond and ruby earrings 65-85
346.    An American drop dial clock fully restored in working order 70-90
347.    A large slate Mantle clock 30-50
348.    9ct gold ladies diamond ring size S 45-65
349.    Silver charm bracelet with 14 charms 55-75
350.    14ct gold Mother of Pearl drop earrings 50-70
351.    9ct gold ladies pink topaz ring size T 60-80
352.    An 18ct white gold tanzanite and diamond ring with a matching half eternity ring (1.75ct Total) size N 1100-1400
353.    9ct gold ladies aqua and diamond ring size J 65-85
354.    Genuine Tiffany silver Return New York necklace 75-95
355.    9ct gold diamond cluster earrings approx 0.33ct total 85-105
356.    9ct gold gent solitaire signet ring size P 60-80
357.    A mahogany carved wall regulator with pendulum with a carved eagle to the top with brass face 40-60
358.    9ct gold ladies diamond and ruby ring size N 65-85
359.    Loose silver charms 8 30-50
360.    Clogau h/m Cariad welsh gold band size O 200-220
361.    9ct gold ladies amethyst ring size O 60-80
362.    A 14ct yellow gold diamond ring with central stone approx 80 points and diamonds to the shoulders size N 1300-1500
363.    9ct gold ladies diamond 1/2 eternity ring size O 55-75
364.    Genuine Tiffany silver Return New York bracelet 65-85
365.    Welsh gold two tone drop earrings 50-70
366.    9ct gold ladies antique style quarts ring size N 60-80
367.    An Oak Cased Wall Clock complete with Key 30-50
368.    9ct gold ladies diamond cluster ring size M 45-65
369.    Silver fashion rings set with semi precious stones (4) 30-50
370.    Clogau h/m welsh gold fancy two tone gold ring size M 160-180
371.    9ct gold ladies amber colour ring size V 55-75
372.    Anniversary clock in glass dome with key 40-60
373.    9ct white/ yellow gold ladies diamond band ring size N 50-70
374.    Silver charm bracelet and 7 charms 35-55
375.    9ct gold ladies bangle and diamond ring 150-170
376.    9ct gold ladies antique style amethyst ring size N 55-75
377.    An 18ct white gold 5 stone diamond ring of 2.18ct size N 1900-2300
378.    9ct gold ladies diamond cluster ring h/m 0.25 ct size M 90-110
379.    Silver fashion rings set with semi precious stones (4) 30-50
380.    18ct gold tested diamond sapphire reversible pendant on 9ct chain approx 0.40 ct 360-380
381.    9ct gold ladies aqua cluster ring size P 45-65
382.     An oak cased pendulum clock with key and pendulum by Ansonia Clock Co. New York, United Sates of America 60-90
383.    9ct gold ladies diamond and ruby 1/2 eternity ring size P 50-70
384.    Silver hard stone ring size R 25-45
385.    9ct gold Lambretta scooter charm on 9ct gold chain 105-125
386.    9ct gold ladies amethyst ring size Q 40-60
387.    A mahogany pendulum clock with key 30-50
388.    9ct gold ladies diamond and opal ring size V 70-90
389.    2 Silver charm bracelets and charms 40-60
390.    9ct gold open face pocket watch 360-40
391.    9ct gold ladies 3 stone ring size N 50-70
392.    A yellow gold gents diamond cluster ring size T
393.    9ct gold ladies diamond and ruby heart shape ring size L 95-115
394.    Silver fashion rings set with semi precious stones (4) 30-50
395.    Gold sovereign 2015 mint uncirculated with certificate 250-270
396.    9ct gold ladies triple ring size P 45-65
397.    A fine pair of 18ct White gold sapphire & diamond cufflinks (1.85ct total) 1100-1400
398.    9ct gold ladies diamond and sapphire ring size V 150-170
399.    Silver hard stone ring size R 15-35
400.    Tag Heuer gents stainless steel watch model cl1111 450-550
401.    A mans 9ct gold solitaire diamond 0.5cts approx size S 180-300
402.    A pair of 18ct white gold diamond stud earrings of approx 1.5ct. 1450-1650
403.    18ct white gold tested ruby full eternity ring size O 150-170
404.    Silver hard stone ring size S 25-45
405.    18ct gold h/m diamond solitaire ring 0.65ct size N 335-355
406.    Postman's wall alarm clock in original condition, cleaned and working
407.    18ct gold ladies diamond and emerald ring approx 1ct diamond size N 180-250
408.    18ct gold diamond 1/2 eternity ring approx 0.40 ct size S 210-230
409.    Silver solitaire ring size R 15-35
410.    18ct gold h/m diamond 1/2 eternity ring 9stone setting approx 0.5ct size X 360-380
411.    An 18ct White Gold Diamond Solitaire Oval Cut Ring, approx 2.5ct. Stone measures 10mm x 7mm. Ring size M. 3600-4500
412.    A Gentleman's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 1970s' with Brick Pattern Dial & Thunderbird Bezel, Complete with Box
413.    An 18ct white gold champagne diamond ring of 1.5ct size N 1900-2300
414.    Silver solitaire ring size Q 15-35
415.    Tag Heuer gents stainless steel watch model wl1110 450-550
416.    A fine cultured pearl necklace with silver gilt clasp 150-200
417.    A pair of 18ct White Gold & South Sea Pearl Earrings 200-240
418.    An Arts & Crafts silver pendant set with moonstones 30-40
419.    Silver solitaire ring size Q 15-35
420.    6 oak leather studded dining chairs 95-125
421.    A pair of mahogany torcheres with carving to the top and base 130cm high 40-60
422.    Two period mahogany carver chairs 20-30
423.    A carved African birthing chair 20-30
424.    A mahogany nursing chair with beaded seat 30-50
425.    An Art Nouveau oak carved fronted bedside cupboard 80x35x35cm 70-90
426.    An Edwardian oak two door glazed bookcase with a top drawer 105x95x45cm 60-90
427.    A Georgian three drawer mahogany chest of drawers 90x100x55cm 90-130
428.    An oak cabinet with drop down door and a fitted shelf underneath 115x60x35cm 40-60
429.    An oak carved bible or silver box on turned feet 30x75x50cm 50-70
430.    Victorian painted pine kitchen dresser open shelves above drawers and cupboards 240x180x50cm 140-180
431.    Duck down 2 seater settee 60x180x80cm 30-60
432.    Two pine waterfall bookcases. 94 x 74 x 22cm 30-40
433.    A French Style bow fronted hall table with a marble top and ormulu mountings 80x130x50cm 80-120
434.    A large round grey lubo laundry basket 78 x 56 20-30
435.    A Gilt framed Oil on Canvas of ladies playing croquet. 95 x 122 cm 80-120
436.    A Retro tiled top coffee table 20-30
437.    A Rattan Sun Lounger from The Deck of a Trans-Atlantic ocean Liner 40-60
438.    Painted Sideboard on claw and ball feet, 104 x 153 x 59 40-60
439.    A Georgian walnut corner cupboard, 107x 90 60-80
440.    A pine single drawer library table with brass casters 71 x 84 x 53cm 20-30
441.    A Vanity Fair print 'Spy' and two other Caricature prints 20 x 30

442.    Pair of Edwardian inlaid mahogany corner chairs with fabric seats on turned legs 40-60
444.    A pine 7 drawer cupboard with glass handles on bun feet 80-120
445.    Irish cut glass domed ceiling light and two brass wall light fittings 30-50
446.     A hardwood 2 drawer one cupboard writing table 82 x 123 x 73cm 50-80
447.    Flame mahogany chest of drawers 2/3 on bracket feet with 3 small jewellery drawers and ivory escutcheon 125 x 120 x 55cm 100-200
448.    A mahogany inlaid lamp table with cross stretcher together with a carved frame dressing table mirror 40-60
449.    A walnut 2 part glazed bookcase bureau on cabriole legs and claw feet with 3 drawers 80-120
450.    Pair of brass 3 light fitting lantern lights 30-50
451.    An extra large round log basket . 74 x 70cm 25-30
453.    A mahogany 4 shelf what-not. 144 x 42cm 40-60
454.    A leather topped writing table on turned legs with a single drawer and two side cupboards. 74 x 115 x 50 40-60
455.    An antique oak silver chest with fitted interior brass handles and lock and key 80-120
456.    Three Architectural views of London. Bank of England, Royal Exchange & Nelson's Column. 75 x 60cm 20-30
457.    A Pears Print signed and dated 1886 depicting a child. 80 x 55cm 30-50
458.    A mahogany Pembroke table on turned supports with a drawer at both ends and brass casters 40-60
459.    A 3 shelf glazed display cabinet 108 x 88 x 23cm 40-80
460.    Hexagonal brass/glass ceiling light 20-30
461.    Oak cupboard/bookcase with adjustable shelves 110 x 115 x 30cm 40-60
462.    A Maple and Co sideboard with gallery back and mirror lower section with slide out cutlery drawer 180 x 145 x 65cm 80-120
465.    A retro glass pyramid light in green and two retro pyramid lights in white from a games tables 40cm in diameter x 20cm deep 30-50
466.    A framed print of a reclining lady holding a mandolin. 80 x 65cm 20-30
467.    An oil on canvas still life of roses signed H W 1910 20-40
469.    Mahogany corner stand with single drawer. 85 x 40 x 40cm 40-60
470.    An inlaid 2 door storage cupboard on tapered legs and castors 80 x 90 x 43cm 80-100
471.    An inlaid mahogany 2 drawer and two cupboard fitted sideboard on tapered legs 92 x 137 x 59cm 70-100
472.    Mahogany fitted bureau with 3 drawers 110 x 88 x 50cm 80-120
474.    A nest of three tables with cabriole legs 58 x 55 x 42cm 10-20
475.    An Art Deco reclining lounger with chrome feet and fitted head support 76 x 190 x 66cm 20-40
476.    Victorian gilt frame hall mirror with pillar edges 190x90cm 40-60
477.    Pink room sized carpet 280x200cm 30-40
478.    Mahogany writing Table on Turned legs and Castors, 77 x 107 x 51 60-90
479.    A pine trunk or blanket box 50 x 85 x 50cm
480.    A portrait miniature of Katherine Eleanor Rivers Fryer of Worthy Park in Hampshire. 1916 by J E Corrie ( exhibited 1898-1910) in leather frame 70-90
481.    2 tier Globe Wernike book case. 81 x 86 x 28cm 30-50
482.    A Georgian corner unit with glass leaded window and fitted shelves 132 x 80 x 52cm 30-50
483.    A mahogany coffer with brass fittings and candle box to the inside 55x120x50cm 80-120
484.    Oak carved top serving table 75x105x45cm 20-40
485.     Cuban mahogany display case on cabriole legs with carved surround and fret work edging and glassed main door the two cupboards are set with heraldic coat of arms 150 x 150 x 54cm 200-300
486.    A pair of Iranian rugs 136 x 120cm and 115 x 80cm 30-40
487.    Blue room sized carpet Ferrraghan 300x200cm 40-60
488.    An oak glazed two door wall hanging unit. 90 x 65 x 20cm 20-30
489.    A camphor wood chest with carvings to top and sides 50x95x50cm 60-80
490.    Chinese black lacquer side cabinet with 5 drawers, full cupboard and straw effect top. 83 x 137 x 46cm 150-250
491.    A mahogany glazed display case on ball and claw feet 123 x 121 x 35
492.    A Victorian Mahogany Chiffoniere/break front sideboard with 4 doors, 1 drawer and mirrored back 165 x 168 x 56cm 100-200
493.    A blue and cream ' Mesad' quality room size carpet 310 x 114 160-220
494.    A 3 seat Show wood Settee with paisley flower pattern 80-120
495.    Chinese Rosewood shelved wall cupboard with 2 shelves, 2 drawers and fitted cupboard to the base. 190 x 106 x 47cm 150-250
496.    An antique Sirjan carpet 3 medallion in cream and ink blue 184 x 154cm 30-50
497.    An Iranian Red & Black rug with a dark blue border. 150 x 100cm 20-30
498.    A red and black Iranian rug with octagonal centre pattern 180 x 110cm 50-70
499.    7 Piece Parlour Suite, comprising of, 2 x Fire Side Carvers and 5 x Dinning Chairs on Turned Legs. 80-120
500.    Burr Walnut jack in the box Davenport with 4 side drawers, scrolled supports, leather writing slide with 2 ink bottles with secret button that enables the galleries top to lift showing the fret work surrounded stationary compartment 105 x 55 x 60cm 200-400
501.    An Art Deco glass display cabinet in two parts with cutlery drawer in maple157 x 208 x 51cm 60-80
502.    A pair of Mahogany bedside cabinets with A Frank Hudson Label 72 x 39 x 35cm 30-40
503.    An Art Deco Retro Kitchen cabinet with glass display top and sliding doors178 x 91 x 40cm 60-80
504.    An Art Deco Homeworthy bedroom suite including wardrobe ( 171 x 94 x 50cm) dressing table (100 x 73 x 44cm) and chest of drawers (67 x 73 x 44cm) 80-120
505.    Mahogany marble topped with mirror tiled gallery back 2 drawer wash stand on castored legs together with miscellaneous decorative items 150 x 120 x 55cm 100-200
506.    Oak barley twist rattan seated hall chair depicting grapes and fruit 110 x 45 x 45cm 80-120
507.    An Oak bureau bookcase with leaded glass windows 200 x 70 x 40cm 80-120
508.    A round Ercol blond elm table with folding side & 4 chairs 80-120
509.    A Rosewood Tea Poy on quatrefoil feet and castors fitted interior 75 x 38 x 33cm 150-250
510.    A Sergei Alferov (1951-2004) painting unframed signed by the Russian abstract artist 81 x 61cm
511.    A pair of mahogany chairs with leather seats and wheat sheaf motifs 20-30
512.    Mahogany inlaid 2 over three drawers Chest of drawers 100 x 110 x 50cm
513.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany bedside table with twin flaps and 1 cupboard 75 x 40 x 40cm 40-60
514.    Mahogany 2 drawer Pembroke table with brass caster turned legs and knobs 70 x 40 x 50cm excluding flaps 40-60
515.    A Sergei Alferov (1951-2004) monochrome painting unframed signed by the Russian abstract artist 1988 81 x 61cm

516.    Mahogany inlaid Gentleman's wash stand with counterbalanced mirror and 2 cupboard door and 6 drawers on turned legs with brass casters 85 x 70 x 50cm 100-200
517.    An oak leather topped partners desk having draws and cupboard to both sides and single draw to the top 80x150x105cm 100-200
518.    An ornately carved Camphor wood chest with very ornate carvings to all areas including the back 60x110x50cm 100-200
519.    A vintage office revolving chair 20-40
520.    A Stressless chair with footstool with a fabric finish 30-40